Knitwear on demand

Special orders: Do you need any special hats or scarfs?

We are happy to accomodate any special design requests. We are proud of our over 20 year long experience and will try our best to over-achieve your expectations. We will produce either knitted hats, scarfs or various marketing material labeled with your logos or those of your business partners.

We have already produced knitwaer for various business partners like for example:

  • marketing agencies
  • sports clubs
  • companies
  • fan shops
  • choirs
  • etc.

We produce and package your knitwear according to your request. If you wish, we will add your logo, labels, tags, barcodes, etc.

Pom pom hats

We produce pom pom hats in all possible colour combination and different sizes.


How-to guide

Special request

Please email us the detailed design request which you would like to add to your hats or scarfs. If available, please send us any graphical illustration. We will assess the feasiblity of your request and inform you accordingly.

Alternatively you may select any hat or scarf from our current catolgue and we will gladly add your logo or label.

Our approach

Once we have received your design sample, we will program the knit machine accordingly and create the final sample. We will start the production of your order only if you are completely happy.

Material selection

Hats and scarfs are knitted from certified materials of highest quality. Lining can be added either made of microfleece or polypropylen fabric named Polycolon produced by Schoeller®.

Minimal order volume

We are happy to accomodate any order request, even if you need for example 50 pieces only.