Wholesale customers – order information

(Retail customers may please order knitwear in our e-shop www.kulichy.cz)

Minimal wholesale order volumeí:
The minimal order volume of knitted hats is not really restricted. However please note that our goods are basically packed in 5 or 10 pieces per product in all possible colour combinations per package.

However gloves and cotton hats are due to technical reasons packed per 5 pieces per single colour at a time.

Oder process:
Orders can be preferably placed per email, alternatively per telephone or in written form. Furthermore we recommend to seize the oppostunity to visit us at the „STYL / KABO“ fair which is annually taking place in Brno in February. Only during this fair you will have the advantage to see our complete collection for the forthcoming winter season.


On any orders placed in February, at the STYL / KABO or alternatively via email/phone, for the forthcoming winter season, a rebate of 7% is automatically granted. The payment and delivery time of ordered goods will be according to your choice.

For example, if a order is placed in February, the payment and delivery may take place in October of the same year.