Knitted hats • scarfs • head bands • gloves

Our newest collections comprises exclusive knitted hats, scarfs, head bands, gloves and various knitted assecories. All in various colour combination and sizes..

We produce knitwear since 1993.

All knitted goods are produced in our factory in Trebic where only certified matrials of highest quality and newest technology are used. All is geared to produce comfortable and elegant knitwear for everyday use.

Are you looking for knitwear for your store?
Do you need knitted hats or scarfs for your business or sports club?
Do you just want to buy a new hat for yourself in our e-shop?

Well, you have found us. Have a look at our wide collection.

Knitwear On Demand

We would be happy to produce hats and scratf for your business, marketing agency sports clubs or even fan shops. Just tell us your ideas and design expectations. In case you do have any graphical patterns, great, send it to us and we will take care of it.



Our hat, scarfs and assecories can be bought in our e-shop A wide variaty of products are available for reasonable prices and minimal postage.
Alternatively you can order and / or fetch your order directly in our factory in Třebíč.



All our current products (hats, scarfs, head bands, gloves and turtlenecks) are displayed in our latest catalogue. You can browse through our offers / products online, download the PDF version immediately or, if you wish, request a hard copy. Just give us your company postal details please and we wil lsend you one.